Barn Owls Again!

17th March 2009
I really should start taking pictures of something different but I can't help myself when it comes to these beautiful birds...Sorry... :-)

I've used every minute of my spare time lately in the pursuit of the Barn Owl perched on the post shot that I so want. Unfortunately I still haven't quite managed the image I've pictured in my mind yet, I've been close but either the light was wrong or I didn't like the post that much.
It can drive you insane sometimes, the endless hours waiting for them to come out and start hunting only for the light to go, or they're not in the mood and will not tolerate you approaching them, flying off just as you pull up within range for a shot.

Still, the hundreds of miles and pounds for petrol haven't all been in vain, thankfully! Here's a few images that I've managed to capture over the last month or so.
This female Barn Owl is very approachable when she's post Hunting. The light wasn't at the ideal angle but there was enough cloud about to diffuse it slightly.

I also took some distant shots for a change which is something I should do more often really, nice to get some of the owls surroundings in the image now and again.

She was having a bit of a clean up in these images.

Some images of a Male bird hunting the grass banks.

Last Sunday the 15th, I had a really good morning with the Owls, although the light was quite harsh at times which was causing me problems with shadows, it's much better than no light..

A crop of the above image showing the detail that the small web images don't.

Caught this male bird just after he pounced on a vole.

Finally a side profile shot.

I can't promise anything different for my next update as I'm still working on the Barn Owls, hopefully I'll nail the image I want...

Thanks for looking.