Cadwell Park

28th August 2007
I took a trip up to Cadwell Park on Sunday for the qualifying session of the British Superbikes, Cadwell is set in the rolling hills of the beautiful Lincolnshire countryside and has a famous section of the track called the Mountain.

The Mountain is an up hill section of the track where the bikes can get airborne as they reach the top, impressive for the spectators and photographers but very dangerous for the riders.

Cadwell, being a very old circuit which runs through wooded sections of the countryside has limited run off areas, so any mistake while riding 200+ BHP bikes can end up in a visit to the hospital or worse.

I was hoping to get lots of images from the Mountain but the crowd was huge for a qualifying session and spaces near the action was scarce. This image is a tiny section of the crowd which had some flag waving Leon Haslam fans amongst them.

I was also stunned by the amount of press photographers that were attending too - wish I had the chance!

With the crowd being so big and limited viewing areas for photography I was stuck at the bottom of the Mountain, not what I was hoping for but I did manage a few shots of the riders getting airborne.
Out of all the riders, 3 of them stood out from the rest with the most height and distance cleared over the Mountain.

Shane Byrne on the Stobart Honda

Johnny Rea on the HM Plant Honda.

Karl Harris on the Hydrex Honda.

It's not often you see a superbike this far off the ground with the rider still on board.

After the first session had finished, I managed to move further round the circuit and squeezed myself into a gap at Hall Bends. Hall Bends is a good area to try out your panning skills,so a bit of practice on some of the other classes before the big boy's came out again was needed.
Unfortunately by the limited amount of good images I captured more practice is needed in the panning department.

Here's a few of the images that looked ok.

Shane Byrne Stobart Honda

Leon Haslam Airwaves Ducati

Close up of Karl Harris Hydrex Honda