Duxford Best of British

21st May 2009
The Mrs and I had a day out at the Duxford airshow on Sunday, as usual the weather was awful and no sooner had we arrived the heavens opened.
After meeting up with my mate Chinny we headed for the nearest shelter to wait untill the storm had passed by.

Chinny and the Mrs waiting out the storm in one of the Hangers.

After the rain had stopped we had a walk upto the aircraft enclosure but most of the old planes had covers over the canopies to protect them from the rain, which didn't make for good photography.
In the end we decided to get settled in an area and wait for the display to start, on the way to our chosen spot the Mrs decided she wanted a flight in an old Tiger Moth Bi-plane. They run pleasure flights at Duxford before the main show begins and the Mrs had already been up in the twin engine passenger plane the last time we had been there and was very keen for a flight in a Tiger Moth.
She paid the 99 quid it cost for the flight and the ground crew gave her a safety briefing before strapping her in.

After being strapped in she gave me a wave and they taxied out onto the runway

a few bounces later they were airbourne.

After the 15 minute flight she was back on the ground feeling a little bit sick might I add but happy she had done it...

The weather was all over the place during the day with high winds and rain one minute to blue skys and sun the next. Unfortunately a few of the aircraft manily the old war birds didn't go up or only made one pass by.
The highlight of the show for me though was the B17 Flying Fortress, Sally B

She hadn't flown for a few years due to engine problems but I think a bloke called Bertie Walter Ashby had given a nice cash donation to help with the repairs.
People who have helped out in the past get their name painted on the side of the plane, Sally B roll of honour.

Thankfully the weather held out for her first flight.

We also had a display by the new Euro Fighter Typhoon, typically though the weather turned bad for this.

I was hoping for some good Spitfire images but the weather never improved for their flight.

Same went for the P51 Mustang, it took off and then landed straight away due to heavy rain.

It wasn't all bad, even though I didn't get the images I wanted of the Spitfires we still had a good day out. Here's a few more images from the event.


B25 Mitchell

PBY Cataline sea plane

The pilot of the BAE Hawk display/trainer Jet.

Thanks for looking.