Flat Out

23rd June 2008
Being at work lately has left me very little time for photography.
In fact, I haven't taken an image in over a month.
The few times I did manage to get out I couldn't find anything worth photographing, which was very depressing.

I decided to have a weekend off from work and headed over to Snetterton for the British Superbikes. I've only used my 600mm lens once for the bikes and it showed on my images. I can't remember how many I took on the day but loads went into the bin.

The heat haze from the track played a part in this but user error was the main reason, the lens is very heavy and it's normally supported by a tripod or a bean bag when using it for my wildlife stuff. I use a monopod for my bike photography as it's easier to carry and takes up less room in the packed public viewing areas. The lack of use with this combination played the major part in my crap images..
Well, that's my excuse... :-)

Anyway, I managed to take a few shots that came out alright and these can be found in the BSB 08 gallery, I also had a walk around at the back of the pit garages looking for something different to photograph..

I had a look at the one make series which is the R1 Cup.
All the bikes are the same and each rider pays £25000 for the year with the rider who wins the championship walking away with a £100,000.. Big prize money makes for good racing.

R1 Cup bikes.

All the engines are stock but they're allowed to fit racing exausts and a few suspension bits.

They also use one make of tyre, Pirelli, with different compounds being picked by the riders or advice in which is best to use giving by the Pirelli technichians.

There wasn't too much going on at the back of the pits to be honest, most of the garage doors were closed but I found a couple of Taz racing boys repairing an engine in the back of a truck...

Also spotted was Colin Wright the Airwaves Ducati team boss having a quick fag break..

Moto GP star John Hopkins made a guest appearance too, he took the wheel of the Audi R8 safety car for a lap around the circuit.

You can find the rest of the days bike shots in the British Superbikes 08 gallery...