Flying Art Forms

07th June 2009
Following on from my last update I decided to take an early morning trip over to the reservoir in the hope that the water would be flat calm and the sun low enough to get some catchlight in the Terns eyes.My plan was to capture them skimming across the water and hopefully their reflection on the waters surface too.I arrived at 5am on a glorious summers morning, the sun was just starting to come up over the trees and the water was covered in mist.
I had to wait a while for the sun to climb a bit higher before it hit the water on my chosen spot. The reservoir has really steep banks which was keeping the area in shade, in the mean time I grabbed a few more flight shots.

The blue colours in the sky and water looked great and the light was fantastic but It seemed like an age before the light started to finally hit the water, thankfully the water had stayed relatively calm too.

Getting these next shots was tough work, hand holding 16lb of lens and camera plus trying to get the timing right wasn't easy. I also had the added problem of the camera's focus system which was struggling to hold focus lock when the Terns skimmed across the water.

Anyway, 4 gig of memory later and my arms feeling like they were going to fall off I was more than happy with my results.

I took 360 images that morning and whittled them down to 134 which in turn will come down again. These next shots have some of the best reflections of the Terns that I managed to capture.

Thanks for looking.