I just haven't.....

02nd May 2011
had the enthusiasm to take pictures lately. The stresses of my job situation hasn't helped plus the weather during January and February was awful but I would have to say it was more to do with my job. After all the changes that Network Rail have made, my job is now crap and I need to get out! But as we all know that's easier said than done although on the bright side I'm still lucky to have a job I suppose...

Anyway, on to the photography. As you all know I love my Barn Owls and I was hoping for a repeat of last year but unfortunately that wasn't to be. Weather played a big part with much of January and February being awful but fuel prices also contributed. It wasn't so long ago I'd travel the 80 miles just for a morning or afternoon session but not anymore. It has to be good weather all day now to make it worth it, I used to spend 30 pound on fuel for a visit, it's now jumped to 50 pound so I really can't afford to make as many visits as I would have liked to. Although saying that, the Barn Owls weren't about in the same numbers as last year anyway. Not sure if the bad weather took it's toll or not? Last year was worse in my opinion and they got through that so it's a bit of a mystery.
On the bright side, my favourite girl was still about and she was performing well for me, although the light was as flat as a pancake..

I only managed perched shots on that visit and the light was bad all day. My next trip wasn't much better, again the light was poor.

After get a few flight shots she went in so I headed of to the Norfolk coast to try my luck on the rock pools.
Unfortunately it was the same old suspects on the pool again but the light was starting to improve with a few breaks in the cloud allowing the lovely winter sunlight through.

A pair of colourful Mallards.

There were a few Teals on the pool but I couldn't get a shot of the male birds, the females posed well though.

The Gulls are always there in numbers and love to make themselfs heard

as do the Turnstones..

The light had started to go with the arrival of rain clouds so a few more Turnstone shots were grabbed before I started heading back home. On the way back I stopped of at a little harbour just as the rain started to fall and captured this wet looking Oystercatcher

plus a Turnstone having a walk around the mud flats

and a bonus shot of a Little Egret.

I went about whole month without taking another image before I decided to visit the low fly area in Wales,weather was good and the aircraft turned up which is always a good thing.
First aircraft of the day was a Tornado GR4, always nice to bag a frontline aircraft so early in the day.

Then a few of the Valley trainers showed up

and to finish the day off we had 3 more Tornados

The trip put the wind back in my sails and I felt all keen again but that was soon spoiled by the Libyan conflict kicking off, with the RAF already stretched and numbers of aircraft and crew being axed, the chances of getting any aircraft low level are now very slim.... Here's hoping this ends soon and all our people come back safe.

Yet again my camera wasn't used for weeks until I took a visit to my mate Paul's neck of the woods. I was hoping for some Yellowhammer images but ended up taking shots of some young Rabbits.

Anyway, that's about it for now. I know it seems like a lot of images but this is over 3 months and for me it's a poor effort. Hopefully I'll get some enthusiasm back and my next update wont be such a long wait...

Thanks for looking.