International Rescue and Brands BSB

06th April 2008
A few weeks ago I had a phone call from my mate Phil who was on his way home from work when he spotted a Barn Owl sat on the ground in a field..

Phil - "Alright mate, I'm looking at a Barn Owl"
Me - "Yeah, where?"
Phil - "Flitwick Moore, it's sat in the field"
Me - "Has it got a Vole or something?"
Phil - "No it doesn't look right, keeps rubbing it's face"
Me - "How far away from it are you?"
Phil - "About ten foot"
Me - "Oh right,close then! Try and get a bit closer and see what it does"
Phil - "It's just rolled over on it's back but it's wing is all bent behind it"
Me - "Grab hold of it mate and take it home, it's either starving or been hit by a car, I'll phone around and see what help we can get"

Phil managed to pick the Owl up and put it in his rucksack. He took him home and placed him in a cardboard box.
I phoned several Barn Owl centre's and finally Vince from the found a local Falconer called Chris, who came and picked the Owl up from Phil's house.

It was touch and go for a while but Chris phoned Phil with the good news that the Barn Owl was now eating and getting better..
After a few weeks had passed it was time to try and release him back into the wild. Taking him back to the place he was found, we all walked out into the middle of the field.
Chris opened the box and the Barn Owl peered out..

After a few minutes he jumped out of the box onto the ground and then tried to fly off but he couldn't. He ended up hopping about with his wings open.

This wasn't a good sign so Chris grabbed hold of him again.

The Owl looked fine and Chris had already checked him for any breaks in his wings when he first picked him up from Phil's.

To be on the safe side Chris gave him another check over just in case he had missed something.

Chris couldn't find any breaks but it was clear he couldn't fly and wouldn't last the night in the wild like that, so it was back in the box for the poor little Barny.

The following day Chris took the Owl for X-rays to see if he had a hair line fracture in one of his wings but it came back clear.
The Owl is now at a specialist centre for birds of prey, they think it could be neurological as he was more than likely hit by a car and has suffered a bang to the head.
So fingers crossed he gets over the bang on the head but only time will tell, more importantly he's in good hands now and hopefully he will make a full recovery..

BSB Brands Hatch
The bikes are back, winters over and the British Superbike season has started with the opening round at Brands Hatch this weekend.
I popped down on Saturday to get a few snaps during the quailifying session.
I was a little disappointed in the results of the days shoot really, it was cold and dull with the odd rain shower but I was glad I went on the Saturday as the meeting was called off on the Sunday due to the heavy overnight snow fall.

Anyway, although not happy with my results from the day, I was glad to at least get a few shot's of the new riders and their bikes in this years livery...

Shane Byrne on the Airwaves Ducati on the entry into Druids.

Karl Harris on the team Yamaha bike.

John Laverty on the North West 200 Ducati.

Dean Ellison on the Hydrex Bike Animal Honda followed by Scott Smart Hawk Kawasaki.

Billy McConnell on the MSS-Discovery Kawasaki.

A bend at the back of the circuit ( Stirlings ) is always good for some power wheelies....

Michael Rutter trying for a good lap time on the North West 200 Ducati.

Shane Byrne posing after getting pole position.

The two HM Plant Honda boys Leon Haslam 91 and Cal Crutchlow 35.

and my favourite image from the day, Leon Camier climbing all over the front of the Airwaves Ducati....