Little Owls

20th June 2012
As you all know by now I love to photograph Owls so when my good friend Paul rang me and asked me if I fancied a shot at some Little Owls that were showing well at his work place,I wasn't going to say no.
I've photographed Little Owls before but it's only been a few shots here and there while I've been driving around looking for stuff to point the lens at, so with this offer on the table I was keen to get going..
We started the day of with a nice full English breakfast before heading off to Paul's workplace. The weather wasn't great with plenty of cloud cover but since I wasn't worried about getting flight shots the low light wasn't a major problem.

We arrived on site just as it started to rain...typical...and we took a quick look at the Little Owl location but all was quiet. By now the rain was starting to get heavier so it was a case of just sitting put and waiting to see if they would show.
After an hour or so and no sightings, boredom set in so we decided to have a look around Paul's work site to see if any other photo opportunities would present themselves. This proved fruitless so we headed back to the Owl location and on rounding the corner Paul spotted a Little Owl on the grass. Cameras at the ready, we drove slowly towards the Owl but it wasn't on the ground for long and flew up into a nearby tree and watched us pull up..

It then moved to one of it's favourite perches..

We decided to stay in this location which the Owl favoured and just wait for it to relax and go about it's hunting and for once the bad weather played into our hands. With the earlier rain fall the ground was nice and wet and Little Owls love to hunt worms so we had ideal conditions.
The next couple of hours were fantastic with the Little Owl dropping right down in front of us..

This was turning out to be a red letter day with plenty of close encounters with this beautiful Owl. In this image it's trying to pull a worm out of the ground,unfortunately this was the only down side to the low light levels we had. Most of my images of the Owl tugging the worms out of the ground were blurred due to the slow shutter speeds. I was still extremely happy with the images I was getting and as they say, there's always another day..

This image shows the Owl's intense concentration while hunting for worms.

Success... :-)

Some more images of this beauty with worms..

If looks could kill...

A nice close up..

Head shot...

The icing on the cake came when the Little Owl started to use a nice fence post to hunt from, giving us some nice clean images..

Hopefully I'll have a few more chances with this beauty,a big thank you goes out to my good friend Paul, cheers buddy, was a great day... :-)

Thanks for looking..