Not looking so....

18th December 2009
....rosy on my job prospects at the moment. I work for Network Rail as a Signal and Telecommunication Technician but in November they announced 2500 job cuts from the maintenance side of the business, which I fall under... It's put me in limbo at present really as I don't know if my job is safe or not, which isn't a nice feeling. Due to my position I've spent most of my weekends at work trying to earn enough money to pay things off so my photography has taken a back seat.

What with the terrible weather and working most weekends, it had been ages since I'd taken a picture so I needed a fix badly. With a few days holiday left, I took a trip over to Norfolk stopping of at Welney on my way over. I wanted to get some more Bewick's and Whooper Swan images so I arrived at first light hoping to capture them flying out of the reserve. Unfortunately the Swans didn't wait for the light and they were flying out when it was still dark...good start to the day! I played around with a few slow shutter shots for the arty stuff you sometimes see but by the time the light was good enough for normal pictures the Swans had all gone...

I jumped back in the car and carried on my way up to the Norfolk coast stopping of at some of my Owl spots to see if any were showing. I saw a total of four Barn Owls but unfortunately none of them were in photographic range so it was back into the car to carry on with the journey.

I arrived at the rock pool by mid morning and could see it was quite busy with other photographers. I grabbed my gear and slowly walked over to claim a spot. This place can get very busy especially at weekends and even mid week it can be crowded.
This shot is of a few people to my right and I had more to my left..

The first birds to arrive at the pools are always the Turnstones accompanied by ever greater numbers of Sea Gulls. The Sea Gulls can be a right pain when your trying to get shots of the other birds, they always seem to stand right in front of the lens but they do make good subjects too, like this juvenile Herring Gull that caught my eye.

I turned my attention to the Turnstones next which love to be in front of the camera, they get so close at times you can't take a picture.

I had a brief go at getting them inflight and it's something I will concentrate on more when I next visit.

I was a little disappointed that there wasn't any Dunlin or Sanderling on the pool, hopefully they will be there on my next visit. I did however have a very nice Redshank pose for the camera.

I moved off the pool and tried for some Snowbuntings, there were about fifty to sixty flying about so I scattered some seed on the ground and waited to see if they came down to feed. They seemed very skittish and reluctant to come down for the seed, in part I think due to a Sparrow Hawk that was patrolling the area. Eventually one plucked up enough courage, although from the pictures you can tell it was keeping an eye out for the Hawk...

Hopefully if the weather isn't too bad over the Christmas break I'll have plenty of images for the next update...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thanks for looking.