Privates on Parade

02nd May 2009
I took a trip upto the Infantry Training Centre at Catterick the other day to watch my son in his passing out parade. He's just finished his 26 weeks training and is now a trained combat soldier of the Queens Division the Royal Anglian's.

My son Steve in his combat gear.

in his military dress.

The day started with the long drive to the Catterick Garrison which took 3 1/2 hours. After we arrived we were show into a hall where they had a big screen showing a film of all the lads during their training.

After watching the film we were addressed by the commanding office and then lead out to the parade square.

First onto the square was the band.

Quickly followed by of all the soldiers.

We then had a parachute display by the Flying Tigers.
One of the team gave us a quick run down of what was going to happen and how tricky it was going to be landing on the parade square in such strong winds.

They popped the smoke so the parachutists could gauge the wind strength and direction

and then they jumped...

3 out of the 4 made it onto the square, the other one landed just behind.

All the soldiers then had an inspection by the top brass

then the soldiers marched past saluting the dais paying their compliments to the inspecting officer with an eyes right.

Big congrats Son, you've made me a very proud father.