Red Dogs

06th February 2009
Following on from my last update, I made a few more trips to my local lake. I wanted to try and get some better wide angle shots of the Swans and I also wanted to see if the Kingfishers had returned. Due to the very harsh weather of late which has frozen the lake on several occasions, the kingfishers have disappeared - thankfully though on my last visit I spotted one but since then the weather has been even worse. Hopefully they will get through this bad spell of weather and be around for my spring project.

Anyway, getting back to the Swans, I armed myself with the usual half ton of bread, got into position and started feeding them.

The cygnets were the first to steam into the bread.

The big male sat back at first all puffed up and hissing.

But he was soon in for his share..

After half an hour lying in the mud my neck and back was killing me so I had another bash at the seagulls before calling it a day.

I've also had another couple of trips over to Norfolk in the last few weeks, the Barn Owl perched on the old fence post shot still eludes me. The female bird I've been watching favours a smaller post that stands on it's own. I positioned the car and watched her hunting, waiting for her to land on the post, as usual the light wasn't the best but sure enough she landed on it and gave me a chance of a few shots.

It's sods law that while I was sitting there she landed on the old post that I was so keen on getting a shot of her on twice! Oh well, I'll keep trying.

The Barn Owls are never out for too long in the mornings so once they head back to the barns I normally drive about looking for something else to photograph.

Stonechats are now about in good numbers and they make good subjects with most being very approachable in the car.

With the low light in which most of my Barn Owl images are taken and the ISO issues with my 1D MK11 N producing lots of noise above ISO 400, I decided to buy a new camera. The huge price rises in camera gear lately also prompted me to bite the bullet and shell out for a 1D MK111 which is far better at dealing with higher ISO settings.

Keen to try out my new camera which came this week, I headed down to my feeding station. My target though was the red dogs ( foxes ) that seem to be visiting my feeders, remember the old boot I found that I was using for a prop, well, they've taken it... I saw all the paw prints in the snow around the area of the boot and now it has gone.

I wondered up into the fields on Fred's land and I could see paw prints everywhere, I put out a couple of pouches of Whiskers Tuna cat food and some handfulls of peanuts and waited whilst scanning the area. After an hour or so I still hadn't seen the Fox so I got the squeaker out which I usual use for the Owls and within a few minutes two Foxes turned up to investigate the noise.

He couldn't work out what the camera shutter noise was..

I was pleased with my new bit of kit and pleased I grabbed a few shots of the boot thief...

Thanks for looking.