Red Dogs Update

09th February 2009
With the bright sunshine on Saturday I decided for another try at the Foxes that visit my feeders.
I moved further down Fred's land this time and set up near a small pond that forms in one of his paddocks, I was using some old pallets that were stacked up at one end of the field as cover hoping this would be enough to conceal me.

I placed the food out and sat back and waited, after an hour I still hadn't seen any Foxes and was starting to think it's not going to happen. Kate, Fred's daughter was busy at the other end of the land feeding her horses but when she went to feed the sheep I noticed something moving in the bushes that line the sheep pen.
It was the Fox, Kate must have disturbed him and he was now making his way down to me. He approached slowly and then suddenly stopped sniffing the air, I can't tell you how tempted I was to take a picture but I resisted hoping he would come further into the field and I knew as soon as he heard the camera shutter there was a good chance he would do the off.

Finally after what seemed an age he moved in for the food.

He knew I was there but thankfully his stomach ruled over his head, throwing caution to the wind he carried on eating the food I'd put out.

I managed to capture quite a few images that I'm very pleased with.

After all the food had gone he made a hasty retreat, thinking the coast was clear I walked out into the field to put some more food down for him only to look up and see him staring straight at me.
This is when the waiting game started, I sat there for over an hour just watching him resting no more than a 100 foot away.
Finally he got up but instead of coming down towards me he moved further up the field and into the bushes by the sheep pen.
By now my feet and bum were frozen so I decided to walk upto my car and also to see what the Fox was doing, as I approached the sheep pen I could see him laying there.
He watched me walk past and I had the feeling that this was what he was waiting for, me to move away.
I carried on past but as soon as I was out of his sight line I turned around and walk back, I looked over towards the sheep pen and sure enough he was gone!
I quickly walked down to the field where I had set up and there he was eating all the food, that sly old dog I thought. With me approaching he made off into the bushes but I was still very pleased with the images I'd taken earlier and called it a day before frost bite set in....

Thanks for looking.

Update 2

I had another trip down to my feeders today before all the snow melted away and the Fox performed really well for me. I think he knows that he is safe and has nothing to fear now, plus he gets a full belly every time I turn up. This was the best session yet with 4gigs worth of memory being used and a total of 206 images kept...

Here's a few images from the session.