Scratching around....

11th August 2011
that's all I've been doing of late, things just haven't gone to plan on the wildlife front. I have however put a little time into capturing the local Swifts, this project was very reliant on good clear weather in the mornings and early evening. I needed the sun to be low enough to light up the Swifts otherwise they would just be silhouettes in the sky.The next task was trying to photograph them, Swift by name Swift by nature. I ended up hand holding the 600mm lens, picking out and tracking one bird but it wasn't easy, I averaged a couple of good images out of hundreds taken.

This image is a fairly large crop but I wanted to show a Swift with it's throat pouch full of insects.

Probably the best image I managed to capture.

Unfortunately I started this project a bit too late as the Swifts are only in the country for a few months and have all gone now, plus it was only on a few occasions I had the right conditions, still,something to try again next year.

I also spent a fair bit of time locally looking for stuff to photograph but it just wasn't happening for me, weather and bad planning being the major factor in no images but I did stumble upon a young Fox whilst looking around my friends land.
He/She was hunting in the long grass and I managed to get a few images before it bolted of into the bushes..

I've put up a hide on my friends land now hoping to get some more images but as of yet he/she haven't been back while I've been there.. :-(

Well, that's about all the images of wildlife I've captured over the last few months but I've spent a lot of time going to airshows. One in particular I was keen on attending was the R.I.A.T at Fairford which is the biggest show this country holds. I was keen to go because the USAF had a couple of Fairchild republic A10s displaying and I never photographed this iconic aircraft before and I wasn't disappointed in the flying display they put together.

We also had some great display flying by the Belgian F16 too.

Weather ruined the following days flying and I really wanted some more images of the A10s, thankfully they were due to come over from Germany to RAF Lakenheath for three weeks of live firing training on the ranges.

With this in mind I made my way over hoping to get some more images, thankfully it all went to plan and they had a very busy afternoon on the base.

I got told off by the USAF base police taking this image, they don't like anyone being by the fence but it's the only way you can get this sort of image, told them to stop being so paranoid...

That's it for now, thanks for looking.