Snobs in the Snow

18th January 2010
Just before Christmas the East coast had a big snow fall and with the roads around Milton Keynes where I live being absolutely diabolical with only a few inches of snow on them it was against my better jugdment that I decided to head over to the coast.
I was really keen to get some Snowbuntings (Snobs)actually in the snow so I set of in the early hours of the morning. As soon as I left my drive I knew it was going to be hard going. The local roads might as well of been ice rinks but that was nothing compared to the coast roads which had at least Six or more inches of snow on them. This happens every year to our country and it's getting a bit tedious to be honest, I'm not sure why I pay my Council or Road Tax because none of it gets put back into what it's suppose to.

Here's a picture of a good stretch of the Norfolk coast road, I should have taken one when I first arrived because I was practically the first car on it and if you didn't know the road you would of ended up in a field because you couldn't tell them apart.

Anyway, about 3 hours later I arrived on the Norfolk coast and the one good thing about all the snow, it was empty.
The temperature was showing minus 8 on my car Brrrrrr and it looked quite windy, I put on all my wind/water proof gear on and headed over to the pool which now looked like a lake. I scanned the shingle bank for the Snowbuntings but I couldn't see any about, great all this way and they could of moved to a different area due to the harsh weather. I decided to seed an area and keep an eye on it while I photographed some of the other birds on the pool, as per normal the usual suspects turned up, Gulls and Turnstones but I had a very confiding Pied Wagtail pose for the camera.

Next up was a Redshank which spent most of the time too close for me to photograph.

I carried on photographing all the other birds on the pool but the Snowbuntings were nowhere to be seen,I then spotted a lone bird sitting on the shingle bank. I moved up to an area away from the pool and scattered some seed out to see if I could tempt it down, I wasn't holding my breathe, one bird would be hard to tempt. I turned away for a few seconds to look at a couple of Dunlins that had landed on the pool and on turning back the Snowbunting was sitting right in front of my lens. Any sudden movement from me would have sent the Snob flying off so I slowly got behind the camera hoping not to spook him/her, thankfully the Snob sat in front of me happily eating the seed while I snapped away.

It was nice to come away with the images I wanted for a change and it made the long journey home in the snow and ice a bit more bearable... JUST..

Thanks for looking.