The old Red Dog......

28th February 2010
is still alive and kicking. If you've followed my recent work updates you'll remember that last year I photographed a Fox in the snow, well I'm glad to say he has survived for another year. As you all know, life can be very tough for a Fox what with the hazards of the roads and the farmers intent on wiping them out.
I was wondering if he had survived or infact was still in the area so with all the bad weather of late I decided to put out all the food which my Cat had left, with her being a fussy cow it was a considerable amount each week.

During the first few days, I saw no sign of him but the food was being eaten and Fox tracks were everywhere so I knew it wouldn't be long before I had a sighting. I kept going and putting out the food in an area I wanted to photograph him in but I still hadn't had any luck. On this particular day I had given up hope and decided to call it a day, light was poor and I was freezing cold but as I was loading my gear into the car, I looked over towards the pond and spotted him moving away from my feeders. I slowly walked over and I could see him sitting down in the bushes at the back of the pond, I quickly grab my gear and some food out of my car, set my camera up and tossed some food onto the surface of the frozen pond.

It wasn't long before his nose was twitching at the smell of the food and he was straight out onto the pond eating everything in sight.

Good to see the Old Red Dog again....

It didn't take him long to eat all of the food so I went back to the car and got a few more pouches to throw out. Unfortunately the light was very poor but the snow was helping with the shutter speeds reflecting what light was available and I was glad I kept at it because the next hour was very special.
I threw the food onto the ice and he came straight out for it but this time he had a young Fox with him which I can only assume was one of his offspring from last year. This is the first time I have witnessed anything like this and I felt very privileged to watch and photograph them interacting with each other.

The greeting..

I would have loved to have had some sunlight to photograph them in but I was more than happy to have witnessed it...
The young Fox was a right character dashing about the ice trying to get the food and didn't take a blind bit of notice of me standing there..

Some images of the young Fox..

Thanks for looking.