They say history repeats itself..

17th November 2011
well it did for me! Yet again I put my back out but this time it's been really bad, I've never been in so much pain before. So far I've been of work for 6 weeks, haven't sat down for a meal and can't drive. It's been a nightmare but the good news is I'm slowly getting better.

Anyway,enough of the sob story let's get on with a little update. The last time I used my camera was at the end of August at the Victory show just before my back gave in on me. Before that I spent a few weeks in Wales hoping to catch the A10s low level,if you read my last update you will know the A10s were in the country for live fire training. It wasn't known if they would be doing any low level training, so it was a bit of a gamble to take time of work just on the of chance.

The first week was a complete wash out with continuous rain and cloud so it was fingers crossed for the second week. Well it is Wales after all and the weather was yet again mixed, cold,wet,cloudy and hazy and that's in August!
I decided to take a gamble on the top shelf on Bwlch, this is one of the highest peaks in the area and my thinking was if they are a little high through the valley I would still get them land locked.
The day was very slow, hardly any of the locals were about (RAF)and it wasn't until late afternoon when someone shouted up from middle shelf the A10s can be heard on the scanner.
I kept looking towards Dinas as this is the direction they would be coming in from, or so I thought. Thankfully I looked to my right and there was a pair of A10s high above the hills, to me it looked as if they were lost. They were going very slow and tipping the wings looking to drop in. I started waving my arms hoping to get their attention plus I had a huge American flag pinned out,to our delight they started to make a run in towards us. I grabbed the camera and fired off loads of images, something I don't normally do but this was such a rare sight and you never know if you will get the chance again. Thankfully I made the right decision as this was the only pass we had, the rest of the week the A10s were plagued with technical issues so they never managed to get in again, which was a shame.

As I said, we never saw the A10s again that week but I used the time to try out a new spot for me, Corris. It's a great location with beautiful views looking down the valley towards the sea plus it has a huge lake at the bottom. Again the days were slow with only a few locals from Valley doing the rounds and a bonus Alpha jet from boscombe..

Alpha Jet....

Another local, would be rude not to take any images of the Ravens..

The view from the campsite during one of the many showers that week..

My next and last time out with the camera was the Victory Show a world war 2 re-enactment in Warwickshire. I took a trip up to the show with my good mate Paul to do a bit of people togging. Not my thing really but I did enjoy myself and they do put on a good show, if you like that sort of thing it's well worth a visit..

Zee Germans..


My favourite image from the day..

That's about it for now, I've got an MRI scan soon so hopefully they will be able to sort me out, dying to get out with the camera... :-(

Thanks for looking.