Twist and Tern

01st June 2009
I've spent a bit of time searching local areas for something to photograph lately and to be honest, it's been a struggle.
However, on a recent trip to Tring reservoirs I noticed there were a few Common Terns using the reservoirs to hunt on. I decided to have a go at photographing them knowing it wouldn't be easy. Terns are incredibly fast and agile when flying and also have very un-predictable flight patterns which makes tracking them a nightmare.

I started off with a few easy flight shots first before trying to capture the Terns twisting and diving, I say easy, but even this was difficult at times with their un-even flight.

I then tried to capture them turning and diving which I found really frustrating. The camera would lose focus or a really good looking shot would be soft when reviewed. The air was blue on more than one occasion and I felt like launching the camera into the reservior at times too.

After a while I started to get the hang of it and was able to track the Terns a bit better but hand holding a 600mm prime lens is hard work.

The most difficult images to capture were when the Terns pick food off of the waters surface, timing these sort of shots was very difficult. I'm hoping for another chance at this when the water is nice and calm, would love to get a perfect reflection.

Thanks for looking.