What a week to have off...

28th October 2007
I booked last week off work (22nd Oct) with the intention of having a few trips up to the Norfolk coast again. But after checking the weather for the coming week and only Tuesday showing good weather for the area I realised my plans of a few trips to the coast looked grim. Typical I thought, every time I plan a week for some photography, the weathers crap.

Knowing that Tuesday was going to be the best day, I set out to arrive at first light. The 2 1/2 hour journey seemed to take forever and the only bit of excitment was when some idiot tried to drive his car head on into mine!

The near head on was a very close call and I arrived at my first spot still wound up by it. Getting out of the car I looked over at the rock pools only to see a single bird, a Black Headed Gull. Great I thought, I can see this trip going all wrong.

I grabbed my gear and settled down by one of the pools. I took a few images of the Gull while waiting to see if anything else was going to turn up..

An hour or so had past when some Pied Wagtails turned up.

Then a small group of Turnstones showed up.

Things are starting to improve I thought, then I heard the sound of kids and dogs. I looked up and saw a couple of mini buses in the what was now a full car park.
So I popped over to get a coffee from this bloke who turns up in a little 2CV citroen van, kitted out with a very cool Latte machine. "What's going on?" I asked "Why so many people about?" "It's half term mate" came his reply. Noooooooooooooooo!

What a disaster, and things went from bad to worse with everywhere being packed with people. The chance of getting anymore images was a big fat zero. I headed further up the coast to a couple of spots where I had spotted some Barn Owl's hunting on my last visit. This proved unproductive too and it was now time to head home.

I spent the rest of the week visiting different sites but came away with nothing for my troubles. Then my good mate Chinny phoned me and asked if I fancied another trip to the Norfolk coast on Saturday.
The weather wasn't looking that good again but we took the risk anyway. My other mate Phil came along too and we arrived at the coast on first light. We headed straight for the beach to try for the waders.

You need the tide in to get close to the waders and on arrival the tide was in and very high too, great, we thought.
We set up and waited for the waders, only for the tide to start going out, oops! I got the tide times wrong.
The problem with the tide going out, is the waders feed on the edge of the water and with more beach to cross before you get near enough, they see you coming and do the off.

I'd given up by now but Chinny was still at it and tried a stealth approach to a hugh flock of waders.

Here's Chinny creeping up to a couple of old rusty second world war Tanks sticking out of the sand, hoping the waders hadn't noticed him.

Well, they had!

Phil reporting in to his better half on how the day was going.. Crap!

We eventually gave up on the beach and headed further down the coast where we managed to get some nice shots of a Redshank perched on a post.

A Meadow Pipit also posed on the same fence for a brief second.

The rest of the trip was unproductive but I did grab a couple more images of these strange looking Egyptian Geese before we left.